Save Through Replacement

As one of the most important structural elements, frames play a key role in communication and the overall health of buildings and especially of the people living in them.

The need for maximum security in frames, heat losses throughout the year and the aesthetic improvement of your home, are nowadays issues for every family and create new requirements regarding performance and function.

alkon undertakes comprehensive study, design, manufacture and installation of modern aluminium frames that conform seamlessly to the aesthetics of your space, enhance your home's energy identity and provide the maximum possible level of security that you can have from your frames.

What you achieve with the new alkon aluminium energy frames, that replace your old windows:
• Noise, water and air insulation.
• Elimination of internal moisture on windows during the winter.
• Reduction of heat loss inside the house by up to 40%.
• Minimisation of the percentage of solar radiation inside the house and especially ultraviolet radiation, which causes wear to furniture, curtains and carpets.
• Security via the installation of aluminium systems with multiple security locks and high mechanical strength.
• Aesthetics improvement of your home, always in line with the architecture and the external environment.

By replacing doors and windows, with maintenance free ones, you achieve a new quality of living through your contact with the external environment, the exploitation of natural resources in light and air, and the security of your personal space.


Up to 40% energy savings!

For a 80 sq.m. home with 14 sq.m. exterior doors, outdoor temperature 4 °C, indoor temperature 23 °C:

Frame categories
> 01. Wooden frames, single glazing, TL* = 1250 w/m °C.
> 02. Aluminium without thermobrake, double glazing 4-12-4, TL* = 1090 w/m °C.
> 03. Aluminium with thermobrake, double glazing 4-12-4, TL* = 745 w/m °C.
> 04. Aluminium with thermobrake, energy glazing 5-12-4, TL* = 425 w/m °C.

By replacing:
Category 01 with category 02 thermal losses are reduced by 13%. Category 01 with category 03 thermal losses are reduced by 40,4%.
TL*: Thermal Loss


By installing aluminium energy frames a long-term economic benefit is achieved due to the reduction in the cost of energy consumption.
The amount of energy saved depends on the building's type, the climate zone, and the interventions to be made and of course on the tenants' energy behaviour.

For a 100 sq. m. house, the benefit in heating energy consumption in the country's northern regions can reach 23,000 kWh, corresponding to 60%, and reducing the annual heating costs by 1,500€.

• Design of aluminium energy frames, according to your own functional and energy needs.
• Customised energy study on the thermal insulation indexes of the selected energy systems.
• Numerous options in designs and colours for complete matching with the aesthetics of your space.
• Manufacture in our facilities utilising the most modern and automated equipment for the maximum security level of the new aluminium frames.
• Quick and easy removal of your old frames, with the least possible repairs, after informing the client, so as not to disrupt your daily life. alkon has the expertise to identify potential work (repairs) that will be needed after the removal and inform you accordingly from the very first visit to your site.
• Installation of new aluminium energy frames by our company's experienced staff.
• Lifelong functional insurance of your aluminium frames, via the provision of lifelong service-maintenance.

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